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Your spiritual home in the real world.


We gather 

every Sunday @ 10am.

In-person or online.

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When’s Worship?


Our regular worship service is being held virtually.

We will begin to worship with a very few people, a lot of distance between chairs :-), no singing :-( and limited contact in our new sanctuary beginning November 29, 2020.


This Week's Teaching

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NYC is amazing, but can be lonely.

We’re a diverse and growing community of people like you who are seeking after God together, while working for the peace of our neighbors and the justice of our city, just like Jesus calls us to do.


Doing Justice

Beyond worship, our justice-centered approach focuses on recovery, education, and serving our neighborhood.

Recovery Groups

Urban Outreach Center

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“I came to the Church years ago, looking for a community that was progressive, justice-minded, and open to creative worship.  I stayed because I've felt loved and supported by the community:  through good times (my wedding) and bad (the loss of several family members).  I'm proud that our community has evolved over time to meet new needs, from serving Czech immigrants over a century ago, to our homeless outreach program today.” 

From Our Worshiping Community

—  Debbie

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