The Grand Vision for Our New Church



Avenue Church NYC (endowed by Jan Hus Presbyterian Church) has opened a five-story spiritual center for justice, wholeness and hospitality.

Foundation: Urban Outreach Center


The Urban Outreach Center (UOCNYC) provides pantry food and nutritional meals for low income and homeless New Yorkers. The UOCNYC also offers mailing addresses, clothing, hot showers and other services in a justice-centered, welcoming environment. Their mission remains at the heart of Avenue Church NYC, which is also providing space, leadership, volunteers and funds to insure its ongoing strength. 

First Floor: Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary is an intentional space for healing the great divides in our communities today. We are especially intent upon elevating multi-faith conversations that strengthen our awareness of the goodness of all humanity.


Look forward to a warm, welcoming and bright space with moveable furniture and contemporary features to create an ideal setting for many forms of worship and special events. Our waterwall will add to the calming environment. 

Second Floor: Learning Center


The Learning Center is a bright and engaging space for all ages to learn. Whether you are a little child building a robot track, a middle-schooler filming a story about true friendships or an older adult engaged in a discussion about fairly traded chocolate, The Learning Center is a space resource for justice-minded members of our community.


If your home school, after-school or haven't been to school in a long, long time group is seeking space in such a nurturing and engaging environment, contact Monica@avenuechurchnyc.org.

Third Floor: The Wellness Center

A dedicated floor for those who are in recovery from addictions, including two meeting rooms, a meditation and yoga studio, space for mentor/mentee convos, refreshments and resources. Open 5 days a week.

Also available: Social Justice and Wholeness Retreat Space

Looking for a place to stay and volunteer for your mission trip in NYC? 

Mission Center

Mission and service groups of up to 50 people can stay for up to 14 nights in our church building. Kitchen and shower facilities are available, as are cots. 


Retreat House

Individuals or smaller groups seeking time away to meditate, pray or practice a spiritual or service-based discipline may stay in our retreat house for shorter or more extended stays. 

Customizable Social Justice or Spiritual Immersion Experiences


Avenue Church NYC also offers groups the option to participate in an urban social justice immersion experience, customizable to the interests of the visiting mission group. Guests will actively learn how to engage a variety of justice issues, through educational sessions, organizing strategies, field trips around NYC and service opportunities.