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Facilitating holistic wellness for those in recovery from addictions.


Opening as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

A dedicated floor for those who are in recovery from addictions, including two meeting rooms, a meditation and yoga studio, space for mentor/mentee conversations, refreshments and resources.

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Celebrate Recovery

Third Thursdays at 7pm

A multifaith worship service encouraging your spiritual vitality for your journey through recovery. 

As soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, our Recovery Calendar will help you find a 12-step group that suits you best. All are welcome, no need to sign up to attend.


Our program includes:

•  Twelve step groups

•  Café for connecting with mentors/mentees

•  Resource Counter for materials to facilitate your recovery 

•  A Recovery Advisory Board attends to the programmatic
and operational offerings of the Center

•  Worship services

•  Yoga classes (no fee; contributions accepted)

Other Resources

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