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Dear Voter

A Note of Thanks

And a Prayer for those inspired to Vote Like a Boss

Dear Voter, You have embarked on a powerful journey. It began when you received the charge to vote for your future - your dreams. Of course, you could have taken a different path (or you could have rejected this charge, altogether). But you received this charge. And when you did, you stepped out in faith toward not only on what could lie ahead for you; you took a leap of faith toward what could lie ahead for each one of us. Because you see, Dear Voter, when you determined to believe in what is possible for yourself, you inherently claimed agency for what is possible for all people - each one of us interconnected to all others from the beginning of time to its end. In other words, when you received the charge to vote for your future, you expanded the boundaries of hope for all people, as with each forward movement; each positive act; each breath of encouragement you take, eternity takes a much larger form. In this way, not only does your life have renewed meaning, so does mine. Thank you. At this moment in our story ever-unfolding, I invite you to join me in prayer.

A Prayer for Those Inspired to Vote Like a Boss

Author of Life and Source of All Goodness, we praise you for the glories of this day. For our privilege to learn from one another, we praise you. For the ones who have nurtured and supported, informed and encouraged us, we praise you. For the diverse gifts and abilities you have awakened in each one of us, we praise you. For the opportunity to change the trajectory of the universe through our hard-earned

right to vote, we give you thanks and praise. As we reflect upon the state of our nation and the demands of us that lie ahead, we ask that you seal our commitment to be a part of much needed change. In a nation of conflict, may our votes help to bring about peace. In a nation of discord, may our votes stimulate unity. In a nation of self-indulgence, may our votes encourage generosity. In a nation of despair, may our votes lead to hope. In a nation of anger, may our votes compel us to love. In a nation of disrespect, may our votes create a way for honor. In a nation of hubris, may our votes affirm the value of humility. In a nation of disapproval, may our votes create a way for grace. In a nation of sadness, may our votes create a way for joy.

In a nation of outrageous want, may our votes create a way for each one of us to offer

ourselves as a holy embodiment of your will, intent upon expanding the boundaries of

hope for all eternity. As we each cast our votes this year and the next, may we continue to feel inspired to live into a fullness that only you could know. May we embrace the transformations we have undergone and the developments we will someday know. May we grow from the opportunities we have missed or the mistakes we have made along the way. And as we move through the stages of our life, may we reflect with gladness

upon the years we have been a part of much needed change and be content

that our involvement was time well spent. Yes, thanks be to you, O Author of life, and all praise to you for the glories of our days. May you be a persistently felt spirit among us as our constant companion and guide. Amen.


Dear Voter was first published in "Vote Like a Boss, a collection of essays, writings, and poems presented and performed by global serial entrepreneur Tiffany Norwood of Tribetan at the US Patent and Trademark Office’s 2020 WES in Washington, DC. Given as her last live speech before the pandemic, Tiffany used her platform to speak to the new reality that was coming, the need to look after each other, and the opportunity to reimagine everything.

"In the 1990s, at the age of 27, Tiffany Norwood did something that no other entrepreneur has done since -she raised over $670 million dollars to fund a startup. That money was used to build the first-ever global digital radio platform; launch three satellites into space (including XM Radio); support the development of MP3/MP4 technologies, and invest in a new generation of digital radio receivers.

"As one of the first successful black female tech entrepreneurs in the world, Ms. Norwood’s career has spanned 52 countries, 30 years, 7 start-ups, and a patent. She was also the first in her family to be born with all of their civil rights.

"Weaving together a unique narrative about innovation and leadership, in Vote Like A Boss Tiffany shares her extraordinary story as a founder and asks herself (and all of us): could she have been an entrepreneur, inventor, and leader if she didn’t have the right to vote? And, is voting itself an act of self-worth? Celebrating both the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and the women’s right to vote; and, the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Tiffany talks about why taking yourself seriously like speaking up to family and friends, raising your hand in class; and yes even voting, are all the same personality traits that are critical for success in business, school, sports, and life.

"An acclaimed storyteller, Ms. Norwood, has spoken to audiences worldwide, at venues like the European Parliament, Cornell University, Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Yale, and the Creative Business Cup. In Vote Like a Boss, Tiffany does the hard work to compel us to consider human connection as one of our greatest assets, the importance of taking your imagination seriously and showing up like a boss in every part of your life. Beyond the title essay, this collection also includes “The Power of We,” the ever-popular “Hermione Rising,” and even a short overview on “Persuasive Storytelling.” Amazon

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