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7SL for Parents

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

“The truest aspect of each child is unbounded potential.”

Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents (7SLParents)

Does your kid ooze enthusiasm, inspiration and delight? That's what I want for mine. I want my children to be happy and healthy in as many ways as our creator makes that possible. I want my children to thrive. Who doesn’t?

That's why I’ve been devouring Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents. It’s the most emotionally intelligent plan I’ve found for raising a spiritually mature family (and G-d knows I need a plan). From my space as a busy, working mom, I’m just grateful that this one is both concise and comprehensive.

Let’s start with this guiding principle: You are here for a reason.

The Calvinist in me hopes I can teach my children (9 and almost-6) that they are placed within humanity to participate in a purpose that is bigger than they can even imagine. I hope I can help them to know that they are integral to our Creator’s wider plan for all of humanity from the beginning of time through eternity. But let’s face it: that’ll fly over most kids’ heads like a box kite at the beach. So Chopra encourages us, more simply, to free our children to delight in the spirit of life and see how far they will soar.

"After all, what is God? An eternal Child playing an eternal game in the eternal garden.”

Sri Aurobindo


Want more deets? Here you go:

The First Law: The Law of Pure Potentiality (Everything is Possible!)

The Second Law: The Law of Giving (and getting keep the universe’s abundance in motion)

The Third Law: The Law of “Karma” (Choose happiness and see what comes from it!)

The Fourth Law: The Law of Least Effort (Nature’s intelligence functions with carefreeness, harmony and love.)

The Fifth Law: The Law of Intention and Desire (have infinite organizing power!)

The Sixth Law: The Law of Detachment (Step into possibilities and surrender to the creator at work)

The Seventh Law: The Law of “Dharma”(is where your unique talent and another’s important need meet with joy)

So, I'm on a mission to give it a go: practice these seven spiritual laws the best I'm able, and share them with my kids. I'm hopeful that my children and our family will be transformed into kind of thriving family G-d intends for each one of us.

Want to join us? email: 7SLParents


“I came to the Church years ago, looking for a community that was progressive, justice-minded, and open to creative worship.  I stayed because I've felt loved and supported by the community:  through good times (my wedding) and bad (the loss of several family members).  I'm proud that our community has evolved over time to meet new needs, from serving Czech immigrants over a century ago, to our homeless outreach program today.” 

From Our Worshiping Community

—  Debbie

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