Missions, Social Justice Immersion Experiences and Retreats

Looking for a place to stay and volunteer for your mission trip in NYC? The Mission Center will re-open at our new facility in September of 2020.


Simplify. Magnify. Glorify. Rest. 


Mission and Conference Center

Mission and service groups of up to 50 people can stay for up to 7 nights in our church building. Kitchen and shower facilities are available, as are cots. 

Retreat House

Individuals or smaller groups seeking time away to meditate, pray or practice a spiritual or service-based discipline may stay in our retreat house for shorter or more extended stays. 

Group Volunteering

Groups staying with us provide a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer time at the  Urban Outreach Center, and bring a simple donation of clothing or canned food to support the Urban Outreach Center.

Questions? Contact Jordan@AvenueChurchNYC.org

Customizable Social Justice or Spiritual Immersion Experiences


Avenue Church NYC also offers groups the option to participate in an urban social justice immersion experience, customizable to the interests of the visiting mission group. Guests will actively learn how to engage a variety of justice issues, through educational sessions, organizing strategies, field trips around NYC and service opportunities.


Social justice immersion experiences at Avenue Church NYC provide a safe space for visiting groups where young people can actively explore their faith, and make connections between their own lives and larger structural relations of injustice. Throughout your stay in NYC, we'll engage in conversations, workshops, activities and games to identify the issues we consider most critical in our communities, and to examine the root causes of oppression. In doing this, mission groups grow in their understandings of their own faiths and develop a shared language to talk about how God is working in our lives and world to upend the evils of racism, sexism, and poverty.


Together we’ll creatively explore a range of strategies and tactics for making local change in relation to the issues we’ve identified, from grassroots community organizing, to contextual bible studies, to working towards political and legislative change.


Visiting groups will have meaningful hands-on engagement throughout New York City as we explore how to work toward a more just and peaceful world. The program engages the core belief of Jan Hus – the great Protestant martyr who proclaimed, “Truth prevails!” And moves forward as a community of Practical Dreamers until the day when all will know freedom from oppression and injustice.


Avenue Church NYC works with our visitors to organize workshops tailored to the social justice interests of your group, such as:


•  Homelessness and Hunger

•  Immigration and Minimum Wage

•  #BlackLivesMatter and Anti-Racism

• Gun Violence

• Environmental Justice

• LGBTQ rights.


The goal of our programs is to develop young leaders with the skills necessary to manifest local change, all while having fun in a safe and welcoming environment and experiencing all that New York City has to offer. By integrating and articulating these social justice immersion experience through the language of religious faith, mission groups leave Avenue Church NYC with all the tools necessary to inspire youth participants to take action in building God's Beloved Community!


We won’t just learn about justice — WE'LL DO JUSTICE!


Questions? Contact Jordan@AvenueChurchNYC.org